5 Reasons Americans Shouldn’t Be Surprised!

Perhaps, because I am a life – long, New Yorker, who also, grew – up, in Jamaica, New York, I find it surprising, so many people, state, many of the articles, and other information, which has come – out, pertaining to Donald Trump, surprised them! However, if, instead of focusing on what some, considered, his so – called, celebrity – status, they evaluated his quality of character, apparent lack of genuine empathy, and/ or, integrity, and some of the realities of his business career, instead of the hype, little, about his performance, and behavior, would be surprising! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 reasons, Americans should not be surprised, by what they’ve witnessed, these past few years.

1. His business history: Unlike some, like Bill Gates, Mike Bloomberg, Steve Jobs, etc, Donald J. Trump, started, with a significant degree of family monies! He has never worked for anyone (except, as a young man, for his father), and since his companies, are private, never had to answer to others, for his actions, and/ or, performances! In fact, the only, consistently, profitable business, had to do, with branding, rather than getting things achieved! He often talks about the visible, few, so – called, great deals, but, ignores, the multiple times, he has taken businesses, into bankruptcy, or, had to sell – off, to his lenders, etc. His failing casinos, in Atlantic City, his so – so, performances in Paradise Island, and in airlines, and many other business – failures, should instruct us, of the huge difference, between, his rhetoric/ bravado, and reality!

2. His rhetoric: Those who seem to know this individual, are usually, the ones, who, realize, his faults, etc! The ghost – writer, of his successful book, his niece. and many others, paint – a – different picture (far different), from the one he articulates! There were many instances of, what many believe, is, un – Presidential rhetoric, language, etc, which range from polarizing, to stoking Conspiracy theories, etc.

3.Birther, and other prejudicial language/ rhetoric: He used birther conspiracy theories, repeatedly, referring to Barack Obama, even, after, the preponderance of the evidence, indicated otherwise! Recently, when Senator Kamala Harris, was nominated, as the Democrats Vice President, his supporters, reverted to a similar strategy! His rhetoric, language, accusations, generalizations, etc, have, often, polarized, rather than unified!

4. His personality/ Quality of Character: For decades, we witnessed, and heard, how Trump referred to women, and certain minorities, etc. In the 1970’s, his company, was accused, and had to correct, its housing habits, to conform with the Fair Housing Laws. His public behaviors, reference, etc, were not indicative, of an individual, with the most desirable, quality of character!

5. He wasn’t kidding, and didn’t grow, into the job!: Some thought, his statements were, a combination of kidding, and his personality, and he would certainly, adapt, and grow – into the job, as President! Guess what? He didn’t!


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