Benefits of Using Small and Portable Drain Cleaning Equipment

Anyone who has had a clogged drain knows how annoying it can be trying to get the water flowing. Unclogging and cleaning a drain can be an irritating process. When you do have a clog, you need the right equipment to quickly and efficiently remove the obstruction. The wrong equipment or big and awkward equipment can make the drain cleaning experience long and frustrating.

The right equipment will clean the line with very little effort. It is important to know the equipments’ capabilities. Small and portable drain cleaning equipment will make the job less difficult. They are less likely to get damaged when used by a novice. Small equipment operators have the ability to carefully loosen the clog without causing any damage to the pipes. They can work the clog slowly without applying too much force.

Auger: The best equipment for clearing a clogged toilet is the closet auger. The auger is capable of quickly working its way through a bowl without problems.

Manual Snake: For toilet bowls, the best equipment is the manual snake. It can make its way around tight corners and bends easily.

Water Ram: The best equipment for clearing a clogged tub is a water ram. Tubs often drain through drum traps that are very difficult to slip a cable through. The water ram creates a shock signal that follows the path of the water. It is not affected by snug bends and narrow lines. As well, it will not damage the drain pipes

Motorized Portable Drain Cleaners: Because motorized small drain cleaning equipment is lightweight and portable, operators can grip and support the handle while slowly and carefully advancing the rotating coil snake. The equipment is easy to maneuver, set down, and extend without stopping or slowing the rotation of the drive shaft. Once the length of the snake has been extended, the operator can make the necessary adjustments. The operator can also lift and maneuver it without any difficulty. The unclogging process can be repeated until the blockage has been cleared.

There are a number of motorized cleaners on the market. Depending on which type you use, they can have the following benefits:

– Light weight, impact resistant plastic cable cartridges for extra durability
– Battery operated variable speed control cordless motor with a reversing switch. Quick switch reversible allows for fast cable retraction
– More fittings and blades are available to clear specific blockages.
– Eliminates clogs in awkward lines and tight spaces.
– Portable drain cleaning machines containing a hollow cable are useful for the non professional. If the cable gets stuck, the coil will wind up, twist, and break. This allows the cable to be removed from the drain.
– Slide-action chuck for quick movement of the grip shield
– Improved locking bits allows for easy installation of cable fittings using a variable-speed electric drill. Connecting the fittings is much faster because you do not need tools such as pliers or wrenches
– Automatic adjustment for different cable diameters
– Heavy strength aluminum drum with inner drum will stop the cable from tangling
– Quick change cable cartridges makes cable changing easy
– The equipment ‘stand’ allow workers to convert portable units for use on floors.
– Ability to feed cable quickly and efficiently
– Switching to a different diameter cable is fast and simple.

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