How to Live Happily With Your In-Laws – Biblical Perspective

In-laws are not angels! They are not demons! They are not animals! They are human beings. Some of them are introverts while others are extroverts. Like every other man who is, by nature a Sanguine, a Choleric or a Melancholic, any in-law may share either of these psychological natures. Therefore, in-laws are not infallible. They are bound to make mistakes here and there. They are bound to fail in one responsibility or another. They could at one time exhibit or manifest the nature of a saint and at other times that of a devil!

Fundamental Facts about In-Laws
To manage your in-law, the knowledge and understanding both of his biblical and psychological natures are vital. Otherwise, the in-law will not be related with in his or her real estate. He or she is a person.

The Biblical Nature of Your In-Law
(i) The Nature of Eagle -The man with this nature likes to be a leader who likes to hear any particular news or matter in its raw state without the injection of thoughts, reasons or dogmas. He thinks and plans far ahead of time and others.

There would be trouble where, in dealing with an in-law with above nature, his leadership potentials and rights are questioned or challenged directly or otherwise. In this case, he assumes the position of a leader in any particular situation or circumstance and he wants his opinions, suggestions and advice to be respected and accepted as verdicts!

(ii) The Nature of Lion -The man with this nature always hopes and anticipates for the best of all options. He does not only hope to be a member of the governing council of any particular organization but to occupy the highest position in the organization. Although he has no foresight, he hopes for the best.

A spouse may avoid trouble with this in-law by limiting visitation to once or twice in a year but that one visit must be royal! He would not tell this in-law any proposal that calls for creative reasoning knowing fully well that he has no such ability to project the present into the future! For example, telling him of a plan to spend a thousand Dollars today in anticipation of a reward or profit of the sum of ten thousand Dollars in five years time, is to call for trouble. This is due to the fact that he is not concerned about the future but the present! To him, that one thousand Dollars would do for John’s birthday next month, or the elders’ meeting next week!

(iii) The Nature of an Ox or a Calf. -The man with this nature is always dependent upon someone for directions and initiatives. As an in-law, he depends on his son or daughter as the case may be for existence and survival. This man will at all times call on his son or daughter for helps or send messages to him for such helps. The helps may be in monetary terms. It could be psychological or emotional. However, the son or daughter in-law to this man is not happy at such frequent calls. Unfortunately, he or she does not understand the problem with this man so he or she blows up!
This spouse would be at peace with himself/herself and his/her partner if he understands that this man suffers from this nature that had no access to clinical psychologists and theologians before becoming a parent and now an in-law.

(iv) The Human Nature -A normal and perfect human being has God’s image in him. He is independent and not in subjection to any control or dominion. He has the freewill to choose between good and evil. He always restrains himself and is self – controlled. He is religious and he has the tendency to be obedient to God.

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