My Reincarnation Sacks Religious Ideology

Why Heaven and Hell

It took until my feet were on solid ground before feeling comfortable about revealing the experience of my reincarnation. The facts had to be proven about why people believe in things like heaven and hell, devil angels and saints. That took years of observation and research and finally to when the Spirit called me to a job almost 30 years ago and then led and guided me to the answers of some deep mysteries, especially those of religions.

My Death Remembered

My last death happened suddenly and gazing down on the body of a man left behind in the sun on the back of a dray there was only one thought on my mind. “At last I can do it.” Just what the ‘it’ represented was not that clear and it would take 45 years from my birth into this life to discover.

Commissioned by God

Soon after the age was reached the Spirit commissioned me. In fact there was one commission after the other with lots of visions and teaching. Back and forth through the bible the hunger to know drove me on. A picture emerged of how man has altered God from the Spirit of the Old Testament to the Trinity of the New Testament and a huge fraud emerged that was put there by Emperor Constantine.

Constantine is 666

Research into his role in this started with a vision that said CONSTANTINE IS 666, in large capital letters before my eyes. Then new research in a different direction led me back through the ages to the beginning of language and there was the first divinity. It was the sun!

Humans Became Suns

This celestial body gave human ancestors the idea that they could rise upwards and become suns. These were thought of as the stars and people in some areas still see them as the souls of the dead. In parts of Asia people light candles and send them aloft in little paper balloons as a symbol of the soul rising upwards.

The Mother God

The alternative to rising up is to sink down. Beneath the earth was a bubbling boiling mass of magma. That would become the symbol for hell. My language lessons went deep into historical linguistics and into the way sounds change over time. But it was reversed going backwards. ‘Ma-g’ means ‘mother god’ while ‘ma-g-ma’ is ‘mother god’s mother’. Magma also stands for earth.

Trinity God

Mother God of antiquity is a trinity of earth, sun and light. The sun was ‘ma-r-i’ which means ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and that is the origin of the Egyptian Eye God. It is a term that named nations, cities and people. In English it is ‘Mary’ and ‘Mother God Mary’ became ‘Mother of God Mary’ when Constantine established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD.

Constantine the Assyrian

Tracing Constantine’s heritage backward demonstrated that he is descended from the Amors. This group belonged to the Assyrian nation and they practiced sun worship through the Babylonian form of Islam. The Amors invaded Italy after their capital city, Mari, was leveled by earthquake. They build a new capital that they called Roma, and that reversed is Amor.

Contantine the Amorite

Constantine is the Amorite of the Old Testament who is described in Isaiah 14 as the one who raised his throne above that of God. Once the facts about him came to the fore the picture of his conspiracy emerged. He not only established the Roman Catholic Church but he invented the prophet, Jesus Christ, and used it as something for the people to worship. He forced them to accept it on the pain of death.

Contantine’s Religion

Revelation 13:14-18 described how he made all, both young and old, to worship the cross. He gave it a voice through the religion he founded and the miracles he had power to do, according to the text. In the end it describes him as the man whose number is 666.

Contantine’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

Now my feet are on solid ground because the weapons Constantine used to propel his religion forward was heaven and hell. Borrowed from sun-worship the former became the broom to sweep people in and the latter was the guard on the door to keep them there.

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